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Chargers Breeze Past Senators in G-MAC Opener

Chargers Breeze Past Senators in G-MAC Opener

Box Score

Coming off of some tough competition at spring break in Florida, the Hillsdale College women's tennis team had an excellent start on their first conference match of the season, topping Davis & Elkins with a final score of 5-0 Friday afternoon.

No. 3 doubles pair of Kamryn Matthews and Madeline Bissett came out hot and played flawless doubles to win 6-0. No. 2 doubles team Katie and Halle and No. 1 doubles pair Hannah and Sarah both had close beginnings but both came out on top 6-3, giving Hillsdale an early lead overall 1-0.

Usually in conference play, teams play out all of the matches no matter the overall score. However, today was a different circumstance and it was agreed by both coaches to only play to clinch the match, meaning first team to get to four points would win. So with Hillsdale winning the doubles point and going up early in the match 1-0, the chargers only needed 3 more matches. And off to a great start in the singles play was No. 3 singles Katie Bell, giving Hillsdale another point, winning 6-1 6-0. Not far behind her was no. 4 singles player Halle Hyman, as she too topped her opponent 6-0 6-2, giving Hillsdale its third point making it so the team only needed one more to win.

Clinching the match officially was No. 2 singles player Sarah Hackman, who closed out her opponent with a steady game plan to win 6-0 6-2. Wrapping up singles play regardless of the clinch was No. 1 singles player Hannah Cimpeanu, winning 6-2 6-0, as she too played flawless tennis and stuck to her game plan. 

The Chargers won with an overall score of 5-0, making them 1-0 in conference play, and will be playing again at home tomorrow against St. Mary's College at 2:00.

PHOTO: Todd Lancaster
WORDS: Megan Miller