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Humans of Hillsdale: Sutton Dunwoodie

Humans of Hillsdale: Sutton Dunwoodie

Humans of Hillsdale is an ongoing series spotlighting Hillsdale College student-athletes, spotlighting the people behind the uniforms.

Latest in the series is Charger men's golfer Sutton Dunwoodie

WORDS: Calli Townsend
PHOTO: Carmen Botha


Sutton Dunwoodie — An aspiring journalist 

Charger Golf  |  Class of 2020  |  Alpharetta, Georgia 


While other kids were watching Netflix in their spare time, Sutton Dunwoodie was reading the works of Hunter S. Thomspon, an American journalist and author. 

"I got into journalism my senior year of high school," Sutton said. "I read the Kentucky Derby story by Hunter S. Thompson. He's really funny. It's a different way to look at politics in the world. I'm not going to say it was good or bad, but it was just fun to read." 

As he entered his freshman year at Hillsdale College, Sutton's interest in journalism dissipated while he acclimated to his new environment. But as he became interested in pursuing politics, his love for journalism returned.

"I looked at journalism as a way to prepare for law school. I got into it to become a better writer for better communication," he said. "I ended up really liking it. If it was a major, I would do it as a major."

He's not exactly sure what kind of career he wants to pursue after graduation, but for now, Sutton will continue to pursue the journalism minor, along with a minor in Spanish and a political economy major. 

"I don't know right now, but I'm studying for the LSAT," he said. "I think it would be really cool to become a journalist."

Sutton is currently the Hillsdale City Council beat reporter for The Collegian, where he said he gets to meet the people of the the town and hear some very interesting discussions. He said he enjoys writing about something new each week and talking to new people. 

"It's very much like Parks and Rec," he said. 

The brash, angry opinion pieces are some of Sutton's favorite to read, but he doesn't like to write in that way. He said he likes reporting best. 

When he's not golfing, studying, or writing, Sutton can be found watching basketball or spending time with his ATO fraternity brothers. 

Sutton said he grew the most from his freshman to sophomore year. During his first year, he played a "silly amount of Black Ops One," but he has since branched out with the help of his brothers.

"This place is kind of small, and the golf team already gives you friends, but sometimes you need something else," he said. "It was just a really good group of guys that I wanted to meet. It's been one of the best things for me. It gets you involved in so many more things on campus."

He said he has also become a lot more confident since coming to Hillsdale.

"Freshman year I was a lot more nervous in everything I did," Sutton said. "I'd worry about what everyone else thinks, but I think that's just a part of college. Eventually you get a lot more comfortable in whatever situation you find yourself in."

Sutton's mom has been one of the greatest influences and sources of encouragement as he finds himself in all of these new situations, he said.

"She doesn't give concrete advice all the time, she gives guide posts, I would say," he said. "She's been really good about letting me and my siblings pursue what we want to do, but also keeping us on the straight and narrow." 

With inspiration from his favorite journalists, wisdom from his mom, and the community support of his ATO brothers, Sutton has a great team behind him in all that he does and will continue to do great things.