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Alumni Highlight - Tony Gugino '09

Alumni Highlight - Tony Gugino '09

Hillsdale College Men's Basketball alum, Anthony Gugino '09 currently plays professional basketball in Europe. Nine years ago, he moved to Switzerland to play for BC Boncourt after completing his career as a Charger. Tony was a first team All-GLIAC player his senior season and his name frequents the men's top 10 all-time career statistics boards: #1 in career blocked shots, #3 in career free throws made, #7 in career rebounds, and #10 scoring.

"My favorite team would have to be my first team in Switzerland (BC Boncourt) because I learned a lot there not just about European basketball but Europe itself.  It was a huge change for me and that is why it holds a special place in my life."

Tony's career overseas has taken him to from teams in Switzerland (BC Bancourt and Massango) to Bulgaria (Yambol and Rilski Sportist), back to Switzerland (BBC Monthey), back to Bulgaria (Rilski Sportist), over to Belgium (Liege), then finally to Romania with Phoenix Galati.

"My favorite memories would have to be winning the Bulgarian Cup with Rilski and being named MVP of the tournament. It was my first title in Europe and it felt really good considering I had played three semi-finals and one final before that ended up not going the way we wanted it." Rilski Sportist is a member of the Balkan League, which consists of teams from Greece, Israel, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Finland, Belarus, Hungary, and Macedonia. They also participated in the FIBA Europe Cup.

Tony does no currently know where he will end up this coming season and it still talking with his agent.  There is interest in France and Germany but with this job, you never know until they offer.

Good luck, Tony!