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What is the Hillsdale College President's Club?... 

"The President’s Club is Hillsdale College’s primary donor recognition and appreciation society. It began in 1969 with a handful of friends and has grown to include over three thousand memberships, including some of the finest business and community leaders across the country. The growth of The President’s Club corresponds directly with the rise of Hillsdale College in national reputation, accompanied by its steadily escalating standards of academic and institutional excellence.

President’s Club members provide the financial strength that allows Hillsdale College to continue in its mission, free of federal taxpayer subsidies and government control.

Traditional membership in The President’s Club is established with a pledged commitment to provide a minimum of fifteen thousand dollars over a maximum of ten years. President’s Club members may designate their gifts to any Hillsdale program (seriously... ANY) or project of their choosing, and gifts may be in the form of cash, securities, or various planned-giving instruments, such as gift annuities."

Want to join the President's Club while remaining an athletics donor? NO PROBLEM! Contact Mary Ewers, Director of the President's Club to make your athletic designation TODAY!