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Charlie Charger

So who is Charlie Charger? What is he about?
Is he more than just a mascot, with muscles and a snout?

Where did Charlie come from? How did he come to be?
What is the origin of this horse, at home events we see?

So gather near and listen, for it is quite a tale
I’ll tell you of Charlie Charger, the mascot of Hillsdale.

On a bright spring day in April, like new leaves upon a tree, 
In a barn not far from Hillsdale, a young colt came to be.

 Black and handsome was the babe, his mother sure was proud,   
Even prouder she became, as the colt neighed both clear and loud. 

Slowly rising to his hooves, the colt found he was stable 
And as he tried to gallop fast, he found out he was able. 

He zipped around the stable, back and forth, like lightning bolt; 
The other horses stopped and stared, they marveled at the colt.

As the babe grew and grew, more famous he became,
From Jonesville down to Pittsford, all people knew his name. 

From miles and miles they would come, to see this stallion prized.    
“The Greatest Colt in Hillsdale History” many men surmised.

Charlie didn’t mind the spotlight; he did quite like to run 
And he looked good doing it, he thought, while prancing in the sun.

As years went by this horse’s fame was strong and it was steep,  
But into Charlie’s now mature mind, a new thought came to creep.

Is this all there really is, fast running and my fame? 
Do I really plan to stay here, a fast horse and a name? 

I cannot live forever in this stable and this barn.
Fortunately for Charlie, he then met Dr. Arnn.

“Come to my school,” Arnn would say. “I’ll teach you what is true.
My professors will teach you all about good and beauty, too.”

“The work will be quite tough,” Arnn said. “So buckle up your hooves!
But I know it will be worth it; your soul my school improves.”

Charlie could not pass this up, he decided it must be fate.
Charlie gathered up his things and set a departure date.

Thus Hillsdale became Charlie’s home; it’s the place he’s come to love. 
That’s why you’ll see Charlie cheering, from the bleachers up above.

Charlie will always support his Chargers—lose, draw, tie, or win,
For it matters not the scoreboard, what matters is within.

So next time that you see Charlie, give him your best high hoof  
And if someone asks his history, now you have the proof. 

- By Cal McNellie, ’21 

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