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Charger Men's Track & Field All-Americans

Name Season Event Year
Earl Hook     1968
Mark Law     1975, 1976
Mark Flood     1977
Dan Gifford   High Jump  1978
Nate Johnson     1978 Two-time NAIA National Champion
Bill Johnson Outdoor   1979
Eric Perttula Outdoor   1979
Joe Ofansky Outdoor   1979
Pete Colley Outdoor   1979
Ron Budd Outdoor   1979
Tom Stark     1979
Nate Johnson     1979
Gordon Sanders Indoor   1980
Charles Christ Indoor  2 Mile Race-walk  1981
Mark Mossey Indoor Weight Throw  1981
Gordon Sanders   2 Mile Run 1981 NAIA National Champion
Glenn Magrum Indoor 3 Mile Run 1983 NAIA National Champion
Mike Michno     1984 NAIA National Champion
Mike Nugent Indoor  3 Mile Run  1984 NAIA National Champion
Glenn Magrum     1984 NAIA National Champion
Paul Aufdemberge     1985
John Chandler     1985
Mike Nugent     1985 NAIA National Champion
John Chandler     1986
Paul Aufdemberge Indoor   1987 (Academic)
John Chandler Indoor   1987 (Academic)
Mike DeRosiers Outdoor   1987 (Athletic & Academic)
Pete Dzwilewski Outdoor   1987 (Academic)
Dave Mohlman Outdoor   1987 (Academic)
John Chandler Outdoor   1987 (Academic)
Paul Aufdemberge Outdoor   1987 NAIA National Champion, 1987 (Academic)
Bob Abraham Indoor  3 Mile Run  1988 (Academic)
Lee Ratliff Indoor Shot Put  1988
Steve Hubbard Outdoor   1988 (Academic)
Ryan Pschigoda Outdoor   1988 NAIA National Champion
Ed O'Branovich Indoor   1989
Bob Abraham Outdoor   1989 (Academic)
Jeff Murphy Outdoor   1989 (Academic)
Ryan Pschigoda Outdoor   1989 NAIA National Champion
Mark Woodward Indoor High Jump 1990
Mark Osbourne Outdoor   1990 (Academic)
Ryan Pschigoda Outdoor   1990 NAIA National Champion
Lance Bowles Indoor   1991 NAIA National Champion
Jim McHugh Indoor   1991
Mark Woodward Indoor   1991
Mark Osbourne Outdoor   1991 (Academic)
Lance Bowles Indoor   1992 NAIA and NCAA Division II All-American 
Jim McHugh Outdoor High Jump  1992
Kevin Backus Outdoor   1992 NAIA Academic All-American 
Craig Presley Indoor   1993
DeShawn Meadows Indoor   1993
Jim McHugh Indoor   1993 NAIA National Champion
DeShawn Meadows Outdoor   1993
Ben Adler Outdoor   1993
Jim McHugh Outdoor   1993
Jake Langendorfer Indoor 2 Mile Relay 1994
Corey DeGoffau   Indoor 2 Mile Relay 1994
Jay Hischer Indoor 2 Mile Relay 1994
Terrance Vaughn Indoor 2 Mile Relay 1994
Jaime Dudash Indoor   1994
Aaron Prussian Indoor 3 mile Run 1994
DeShawn Meadows Indoor Pentathlon 1994
Jim McHugh Indoor High Jump 1994 NAIA National Champion
DeShawn Meadows Outdoor   1994
Jim McHugh Outdoor   1994
Charlie Walker Indoor Distance Medley Relay 1995
Corey DeGoffau Indoor  Distance Medley Relay 1995
Jake Langendorfer Indoor  Distance Medley Relay 1995
Marty McGinn Indoor  Distance Medley Relay 1995
Jim Coleman Indoor   1995
Warren Johnson Indoor   1995
Jake Langendorfer Outdoor   1995
Jon Cook Indoor   1996
Corey DeGoffau Indoor   1996
Kurt Knueve Indoor   1996
Marty McGinn Indoor   1996
Mike Roberts Indoor   1996
Jeff Schuberg Indoor   1996
Terrance Vaughn Indoor   1996
Corey DeGoffau Outdoor   1996
Jon Cook Indoor   Distance Medley Relay 1997
Kurt Knueve Indoor   Distance Medley Relay 1997
Marty McGinn Indoor   Distance Medley Relay 1997
Tim Daggett Indoor   Distance Medley Relay 1997
Jared Maxwell Indoor  4x800m Relay 1997
Jon Cook Indoor 4x800m Relay 1997
Marty McGinn Indoor 4x800m Relay 1997
Mike Roberts Indoor 4x800m Relay 1997
Chris Bills Indoor   1997 
Jeff Schuberg Indoor    1997
Craig Michelin  Indoor Pentathlon 1997 
Kurt Knueve Indoor 1000m Run 1997
Christopher Heckel  Outdoor Hammer Throw 1997 
Jon Cook  Indoor    1998 NCAA Division II
Kurt Knueve Indoor   1998 NCAA Division II
Marc Hermmerick  Indoor  Long Jump 2000 
Kevin Blacquiere  Indoor  Mile Run 2000 
 Michael Nikkila Outdoor  3000m Steeplechase  2005 
Jared Krout Indoor 400m 2007
Jared Krout  Indoor  Long Jump 2007 
Jason Stomps Outdoor Hammer Throw 2007
Peter Sercer Outdoor Steeplechase  2007
Jared Krout Indoor 200m 2008
Jared Krout Indoor 400m 2008
Andrew Dodson Indoor High Jump 2008
Aaron Falk Outdoor  Hammer Throw 2008
Jason Stomps Outdoor  Hammer Throw 2008
Andrew Dodson  Indoor High Jump 2009 
Jared Krout Indoor Long Jump 2009
Aaron Falk Indoor Weight Throw 2009 
Aaron Falk  Outdoor  Hammer Throw 2009 
Aaron Falk  Indoor Weight Throw 2010 
Jason Stomps  Indoor Weight Throw 2010 NCAA DII National Champion
Aaron Falk  Outdoor  Hammer Throw 2010 
Jason Stomps  Outdoor  Hammer Throw 2010 
Jared Krout  Outdoor  Long Jump 2010 
Maurice Jones  Indoor 400m 2012 
Nate English  Indoor Shot Put 2012 
Nate English  Outdoor  Shot Put 2012 
Maurice Jones Indoor 400m  2014
Ty Etchemendy Indoor Triple Jump 2014
Jared Schipper Indoor Pole Vault 2015
Lane White Indoor 400m 2015
Maurice Jones Outdoor 400m Hurdles 2015 NCAA DII National Champion
Caleb Gatchell Indoor Distance Medley Relay 2016
Tanner Schwannecke Indoor Distance Medley Relay 2016
Noah Hiser Indoor Distance Medley Relay 2016
Anthony Wondaal Indoor Distance Medley Relay 2016
Jared Schipper Indoor Pole Vault 2016
Caleb Gatchell Outdoor 1500m 2016
Noah Hiser Outdoor 4x400m Relay 2016
Ty Etchemendy Outdoor 4x400m Relay 2016
Lane White Outdoor 4x400m Relay 2016
Colby Clark Outdoor 4x400m Relay 2016

  Note: 1981-1996 records from 1996-97 Season Media Guide provided by Coach Bill Lundberg, 3/29/2018

USTFCCCA DII All-American Lists

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