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2nd Annual TDC Homecoming Home Run Derby

2nd Annual TDC Homecoming Home Run Derby

The 2017 TDC Homecoming Home Run Derby was an outstanding success. It raised over $10,000 for Charger Baseball and brought together their community of supporters which reaches from coast to coast. In total the team hit 36 home runs in 8 rounds of competition. Congratulations to the winner, #27 Dylan Lottinville a junior from Danville, CA!

Please join us this year on the Friday of Homecoming for open batting practice in which fans of all ages are welcome to take 8 swings for $5. Hit a home run to win your money back. Afterwards, we will enjoy watching 8 Charger baseball sluggers swing for the fences! 

“It was great to see so many people come out and watch, as well as all of those who watched online. The semi-final round battle between freshman James Krick and sophomore Jake DePillo showcased two of our most powerful young hitters blasting 14 home runs in one round and was an exciting highlight of the event. Dylan Lottinville put on a show of his own, into the wind to take home the title of the first ever Homecoming Home Run Derby. We’re excited to have found what seems to be a fun Homecoming tradition that also raises a great deal of money for the program. We are already working on ways to make it bigger and better next year!” 

– Eric Theisen, Head Coach of Charger Baseball

Get in on the fun by supporting the Charger slugger you think will win it all!
LIVE STREAM of the TDC Homecoming Home Run Derby